Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

more dresses...

So I got a couple dresses the other day! So here are some pics!!!



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

whoot whoot yeaa!

So yesterday I was hunting for more vintage clothes! And yes i found some!! These clothes are like from the 80's!! So i was really excited.
I love this cardigan like thing. Its really roomy but comfortable! The funny thing is, it has no buttons or zippers!
I love this jumpsuit! It fits me so well!!! :)

So these were my great finds! I'm off to do homework!

Monday, May 10, 2010

you always have a way to make me smile!

So today was an average day. Nothing unusual happened. Except everyone laughed at my swollen finger!! On Saturday i got stung my an insect(idk what insect it was). But i'm like VERY MUCH allergic to anything that stings. And so my finger is now swollen and fat!!! Not fun! But its gonna be ok. My day got better after lunch. Then it dragged on till study hall. I always enjoy study hall because my best friend is in it with me. He always makes me laugh. He knows when i'm having a bad day and he cheers me up. But thats what friends are for right?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.

hey bloggers!! So i was reading my post yesterday i realized i said i have school today. i guess i lost track of time cause i def. don't have school today.But today is going good so far. I wore a new pair of earrings today. i love them.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
So i told my dad about how i'm changing my style. And his exact words were "thats Coooooollll". Haha i knew he would be supportive! Now i just need him to take me shopping. I told him how i needed a new wardrobe. And he's like well of course you're growing aren't you?
I was like well yeah! So hopefully he'll be taking me shopping soon.

So today at church my pastor told me that we're gonna have a youth group this summer. I'm really excited about that. I have been like the only perm. teen thats been at the church since it has started. And now we're beginging to get more teens. But there are more boys than girls! Not that that is a bad thing....! But yeah i can't wait.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

start everyday with a smile and get it over with:)

So I have school tom!Oh i'm so excited (NOT)! Its not that i dont like school.the truth is i do. I just hate the work! If ya get what i mean. I have finals coming up soon and i really need to start studying. But i'm really excited for summer! I'm gonna get a job! I can't wait. Time to get out in the real world and experiance life! I'm thinking about getting a job at a clothing store. I absolutly love fashion!  

So i just recieved a text from my friend and she said that the two people she does not like are not coming back next yr. I immed. knew knew who those two are. They are fake and two-faced and i'm glad they are not coming back! It just made my world a better place:) well i really should be off to do leftover homework i put off till the last minute.

over and out~ Vintage Chick

I love to find a great vintage secondhand shop

ah! summer is coming and I need to update my summer wardrobe! So i decided to change my style. Nothing drastic. I’m still gonna be me. I’m like totally in love with the whole vintage look. I love the high waisted skirts, the tights, the high heels and everything.  Starting my junoir year im gonna start rockin my new style. And over the summer i will buy new clothes and update my wardrobe! Ah i have a good feeling about this. Except people at my school are very judgemental but i really dont care what they think! Everyone is created diff and everyone had their own unique style.

I raided my mom’s closet (which is FULL of shoes). I found like 5 pairs i totally love and she told me I could have them! Ah how awesome is that?! I love going through her closet! I also went htrough like wher she keeps all her old clothes from when she was slim. I found a cute sweater dress and , two awesome belts. I took a break from looking but i’m gonna go back and look for more stuff. I really need to get a job this summer so i can afford my new wardrobe :/. Ah maybe i’ll find a job in a clothing store:) So i told my friends about my new look and they said it was intresting and they could not wait to see it. I think i’m gonna surpsise a lot of people. When i first came to yacs i did the whole preppy look. And EVERYONE was doing it and it got really boring!!! Then i did the whole skinny jeans, graphic tee, and converse look. I was really comfortable in that. But i guess i wanted to change my style to something a bit more girly. And vintage seemed to be it. SO i’m happy with it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my day of crazziness

Fancy meeting you here today. How was your day? I hope it was wonderful. WOW second post of the day!!! My day was crazy! I just really don’t like school….well mostly I just hate the work. All the teachers got this bright idea to start cramming information on us in 32 more days of school we have left. And when we are behind they act like its our fault. Although I have to admit most of the time it is our fault. Today in biology class we looked at insects. It was really fun. But of course if you are a nerd like me, then you will think its fun. I had a good time with it. In Bible class we talked about Obadiah. Now doesn’t that sound like a name you want to name your child? HAHA! In the book of Obadiah he was talking to the land of Edom. He was telling them about the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau was the first born and was supposed to get the blessings from his father. Jacob used deception and he obtained the blessing from his father. After that happened Jacob got all the god stuff and he did good in his life time. Meanwhile Esau had a bad life. It made me wonder….why is it that people that use deception and other bad means to do stuff end up succeeding. Then the people that didn't do anything wrong face my struggles. It’s just weird to me. But God knows what he’s doing. Then in history class my class got soooo off topic that we didn’t even get half way through what we were supposed to do! But it doesn’t help if your teacher is ADD! Lunch was fun! It does get boring at times but today was not a boring day. I always get sleepy in my next class after lunch. Today was not a good day to be falling asleep….(especially on the front row). My Spanish teacher was giving us instructions on a new project we were starting. But I'm glad she gave us a project! Its way better than class work with test and stuff. Although school is so stressful, I’m gonna miss all my friends. Like I’m not gonna see them everyday of my life excluding weekends for two whole months! There has been so many memories shared in those 10 months of school. But it will amaze you how much a friendship can change in two months. It happened to me. People always say if you have two best friends and your obviously going to be closer to one of them! That’s what happened to me. Except I was not the one with the closer relationship. Last summer I went to Africa. I stayed the whole summer and when I came back some really tough things happened. But when I can back I was able to hang out with one of my best friends. So when we hung out it was fun and everything and we just had a good time. But going back to summer vacation. While i was in Africa, she was here. So she (lets call her may) hung out a lot with my other best friend(we’ll call her April) . They went to the beach like two times together. So of course they became extremely close! So like ever since then me and my best friend haven’t been that close! We rarely hang out. But her and April hang out every weekend. They might miss like one or two weekends but for the majority they hang out a lot. And like I try to talk to my May about us not hanging out anymore. And I told her that with having two best friends she’s obviously going to be closer to one. And she agreed with me and was like yea! She said her and April are really close. I guess it kind of hurts because me and May were best friends even before April . And we used to do everything together. So in two months all of that kinda went away! We are still friends but we will never be as close as we were before! Oh WELL …i guess I've gotten used to it. Although sometimes it does hurt. Now with my other best friend,April, she goes to another school so I barely get to see her. But we have never ever ever hung out outside of school! (Except for my birthday )You may ask then how the heck are yall best friends? I don’t know. I guess we just are. But its weird because she always tells me she is too busy or like whenever I try to plan to see if we can hang out, she never can. But she always has time to hang out with May. Crazy right?!?! i always try to call her or text her but I never get a response. The other day May was like “yea me and her have not hung out for two weeks”. OMG two weeks is nothing compared to how long we have not hung out. In fact April has not even talked to me for a month! No effort to call or text me! Sometimes I get so tired off all of this….! Ugh i should go now cause I'm now sad :(